Meet Our Research Assistant, Kevin Pineda!

Meet Our Research Assistant Kevin! 

My name is Kevin Pineda DO PGY4 at Kessler/ Rutgers New Jersey Medical School for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R). As a biomedical engineering major in college and gamer, I have been very interested in the implementation of medical technology and games to improve patients’ function. I have also been interested in virtual reality to improve the function of patients with cerebral palsy. I was immediately interested in NeuroTechR3 because of the team’s previous experience in robotic and gamified simulations working with the CP population. During residency, I quickly learned that although there are products that can show significant improvement in patients in research, accessibility and affordability are essential for adoption for patients. I am very excited to work with NeuroTechR3 to provide clinical expertise for therapeutic exergames without the use of additional expensive, bulky equipment. 

Meet Our Research Assistant, Kevin Pineda!

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