NeuroTechR3 Announces Research Collaboration with Kessler Foundation to Advance Neurorehabilitation Technologies for Persons Recovering from Stroke 

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Warren, NJ, June 19, 2024 – NeuroTechR3, a pioneer in neurorehabilitation technologies, proudly announces a research collaboration with Kessler Foundation, a leader in rehabilitation research and education. This research aims to enhance the development and deployment of NeuroTechR3’s innovative rehabilitation system, R3THA™ (Rehabilitation Technologies for Hand & Arm), leveraging Kessler Foundation’s expertise and resources to bring cutting-edge solutions to individuals recovering from upper extremity impairments due to stroke and other neurological impairments.  

Innovative Solutions for Rehabilitation 

NeuroTechR3’s R3THA is an advanced neurorehabilitation system designed to improve hand and arm function through engaging, machine learning-enabled exergames. R3THA combines real-time biofeedback with motion-tracking analytics to enhance neuroplasticity and support effective recovery. Its features include a robust kinematic assessment protocol, adaptive algorithms for personalized therapy, and a HIPAA-compliant therapist portal for seamless integration into clinical workflows. It is intended for use across the entire continuum of care, including hospitals, outpatient facilities, home care, telerehabilitation, and home exercises, offering affordable, engaging, and effective hand-exercise solutions.  

Expanding the Reach and Impact 

The collaboration with Primary Investigator Kiran K. Karunakaran, PhD, research scientist in the Center for Mobility and Rehabilitation Engineering at Kessler Foundation will accelerate the clinical validation and broader adoption of R3THA. “This research collaboration marks a significant milestone for both of our organizations, promising to drive forward the future of neurorehabilitation and enhance the lives of numerous individuals living with neurological impairments,”- said Dr. Karunakaran.  

By conducting a research study at Kessler Foundation, NeuroTechR3 aims to refine its technology and demonstrate its feasibility in diverse settings to improve rehabilitation of individuals recovering from stroke. This collaboration also opens doors to further research opportunities, ensuring that R3THA remains at the forefront of rehabilitation innovation. 

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Kessler Foundation, an esteemed leader in rehabilitation research,” said Mee Eriksson, CEO of NeuroTechR3. “Their expertise will be invaluable as we work to bring our technology to more patients, improving their rehabilitation outcomes and quality of life”, she added. 

“Collaborating with NeuroTechR3 aligns with our mission to advance rehabilitation research and improve care for individuals working to regain upper limb function after experiencing a stroke or other neurological challenges,” explained John DeLuca, Senior Vice President of Research and Training at Kessler Foundation. “We are excited to explore the potential of R3THA and its impact on neurorehabilitation.”  

About NeuroTechR3 

Founded in April 2020, NeuroTechR3 is dedicated to revolutionizing neurological rehabilitation through innovative technologies. With a focus on affordable and accessible solutions for improving hand functions, NeuroTechR3 aims to make personalized therapy available to all. For more information, visit NeuroTechR3’s website

About Kessler Foundation 

Kessler Foundation is a global leader in rehabilitation research that seeks to improve cognition, mobility, and long-term outcomes for individuals with disabilities caused by stroke, multiple sclerosis, brain and spinal cord injuries, and other chronic conditions. The Foundation advances research and funding initiatives to change the lives of people with disabilities. For more information, visit  


For media inquiries, please contact: Mee Eriksson, CEO NeuroTechR3  

Deb Hauss, Senior Staff Writer, Kessler Foundation  

NeuroTechR3 Announces Research Collaboration with Kessler Foundation to Advance Neurorehabilitation Technologies for Persons Recovering from Stroke 

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