QA Testing for 2022 Summer Capstone

Playing the game “Bad Dog!” involves using Radial/Ulnar Deviation to control the corgi.

The NeuroTechR3 team and other stakeholders participated in a QA session today for the exergame, titled “Bad Dog!”, developed during the Summer Capstone session, completed by Vincent Cinardo. Vincent is a Computer Science student at NJIT who worked on this project in collaboration with the NeuroTechR3 team from June-July.

This Capstone project included development of a mini-game in Unity3D for hand neurorehabilitation that individuals with stroke could use for home exercise. Project tasks included establishing goals for the exergame, creating a game concept (design document, storyboard, game telling), curating design elements, ensuring technical capabilities, kinematics tracking, developing the mechanics of the exergame, and running the kinematic data logging performance protocol to display game results.

Great work, Vincent!

QA Testing for 2022 Summer Capstone

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