Our Mission and Vision

NeuroTechR3 provides personalized rehabilitation solutions using Exergame technologies for improving hand and arm functions in individuals suffering from the effects of brain injury and musculoskeletal impairments.

We believe everybody has the right to access medical care, receive professional rehabilitation throughout the continuum of care, and improve their quality of life. 

Our vision is to become a leader in ML-driven, gamified rehabilitation, expanding this field by providing reliable and accessible solutions for individuals with all types of neurological and orthopedic impairments.  By advancing medical devices and technology, we will have a great positive impact on patients everywhere, contributing to the improvement of human health. 

We are proud to be a women owned company and aim to be a role model for women in technology and business.  

Research Collaborators

Dr. Sergei Adamovich
Professor Biomedical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Director of Neuromotor Behavior and Neurorehabilitation Lab

Dr. Gerard Fluet
Associate Professor School of Health Professions, Rutgers University
Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences

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